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Safety Tips

by Tom Fisher
Chapter FL1-A2

  • Before riding, check your equipment. T-CLOCK!
  • Keep your tire pressure near maximum capacity.
  • Do not ride at your full capability. To leave some reserve for emergencies, always ride at 80% of your capability.
  • Before you climb on the motorcycle, ask yourself whether you are physically able to make this ride. Are you sleepy? Been drinking alcohol? Are you angry at something? Are you pre-occupied with office or family matters?
  • Always ride aggressively defensive! Don't let any other vehicle come close to you.
  • If it rains, be more careful. The roads are slick and the visibility is reduced.
  • Be careful when riding near trucks. They cannot see you very well, especially if you are following the truck.
  • Animals in your pathway can cause a wreck. Always scan left and right of the road. If you see a dog, deer, cow, moose, alligator, etc. assume there may be more than one. Animals are unpredictable!
  • Wear correct clothing. If it is a hot day, consume plenty of liquid. Water is always best.
  • As you are riding, constantly ask yourself, "How is my driving? Am I being a safe rider?" When your ride is over, review everything that happened and consider whether there were driving decisions that you should have done differently.
  • Carry fundamental tools and a first aid kit.
  • Carry a cell phone or, at least, a working CB radio.
  • Take money, insurance identification, your license, and an emergency card.
  • When you are tired, stop to rest. If you start yawning, stop to rest. If you are bored, stop to rest. Stop to rest every hour or so even if you are not yawning, thirsty, are bored, etc. Stretch those muscles.
  • Never relax when riding. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!


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